Pāua Wealth Management is distinctly New Zealand. Our name is inspired by the attributes of the pāua. Valued and rare, each pāua shell is unique reflecting the individuality of our team, our clients and the bespoke nature of the portfolios we create.

Beneath the rough exterior of the pāua shell is a remarkable interior, much like investment opportunities as you often need to look beyond the surface to discover what lies within.

We are a New Zealand employee-owned, boutique advisory firm founded by a team of experienced investment professionals who all believe we can change financial and investment advice for the better.

With reputations built on integrity and success, we have chosen to forge our own path because we believe New Zealanders deserve more. We’re different because we have built our business systems and processes to support the independence and integrity of the advice we provide, so our clients can be confident that we act only in their best interests.

Pāua is created by nature and we will have a strong focus in our business on environmental, social and governance factors in how we invest money. We are committed to giving back to our communities to empower the next generation to make better decisions about their financial future.

We listen to our clients, taking into account their unique situation and developing a bespoke plan to help them achieve their financial goals, whether this be capital growth, preservation or succession planning.

We do not manufacture products, receive product commissions or incentives so clients can be confident our advice is in their best interests and free from any potential conflicts.

The test for us is ‘would I invest my own money or my family’s money?’ We will be.

Our focus is wealth management and financial advice for private clients, family offices, trusts and not-for-profit organisations.

Our experience in helping families manage their financial affairs and focus on what really matters, plan for succession and assist the next generation has been a cornerstone of our business success and specialist expertise.

We believe that strategic asset allocation is the most important investment decision and this depends on your individual circumstances, risk tolerance and return objectives.

Our role is to seek out global and domestic investment opportunities across asset classes, capital and growth regions to help you diversify your investments to preserve your capital, minimise risk of loss and generate returns.

We will help you navigate day-to-day volatility, that often reflects the short-term difference between price and value, and develop strategies to meet your cashflow needs without derailing your longer-term objectives.

Our robust investment decision-making is strengthened by formal oversight through an Investment Committee with independent members who bring diverse perspectives ensuring strong governance.

With local and global market capability and expertise across multiple asset classes, underpinned by best-in-class partners and strong governance, we have experience in navigating market cycles to help you achieve your investment objectives.

We have set the bar high with a team comprising some of the industry’s most experienced wealth and investment professionals who have chosen to forge their own path by creating a new model for investment and wealth management advice.

Our team has significant financial markets experience in New Zealand and offshore, enabling us to bring you the best of global and local market opportunities. Together, we have advised and managed over $50BN of client funds and we’re really proud of our reputation in market and past achievements.

We are an employee-owned New Zealand business, where every employee contributes to and participates in the success of Pāua Wealth Management.

We not only believe this is the best way to align our interests to yours, but we want every employee to think and act like an owner.

As proud New Zealanders, passionate about the value of good advice, we are committed to growing the financial capability of future generations and giving back to the communities in which we live. To do this sustainably, five percent of our profits will go towards funding Banqer to deliver financial literacy programmes in schools. Banqer is an online financial education platform for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools.

The financial advice landscape is changing and clients are demanding greater transparency and advice that is truly in their best interests.

We believe we should be rewarded on the quality of advice we provide, the superior service we deliver and the success of our investment strategies. Word of mouth referrals from clients and our professional networks are our most powerful source of new business and we are humbled by the trust our clients place in us.